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Black house spiders

Black house spiders (also known as a ‘common black spider’ or ‘window spider’) are common in Australia and New Zealand. Males are 8-10mm. Females grow up to 18mm. Both have longer legs than their bodies. Their legs are dark brown to black, and they have bulky bodies, with grey /charcoal abdomens, covered in fine, soft hair.

A species of spider closely related is the brown house spider, or grey house spider. Their enemies include parasitic wasps, flies, and the white-tailed spiders.

What harm can be caused by black house spiders? 

  • They are venomous (but timid and don’t bite often)
  • Their bites may be painful and cause local swelling
  • Symptoms may include: sweating, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and skin lesions.

What should I do to if a black spider bites my family or me? 

  • Use a cold pack which may relieve local pain and swelling
  • Get medical attention
  • Check bites and stings – first aid on Better Health Channel

Note: We are not medical practitioners so please always call 000 if you have been bitten by a spider. It may be helpful for treatment to identify Victorian Spiders (Museum Victoria page). 

What should I watch out for?

Black house spiders can be found inside and outside. Females don’t voluntarily leave their retreat, though males will often go out to search for mates. 

  • Inside: around windows, doorways, in corners, or other light sources where prey may be found
  • Outside: Trees with rough bark, tree trunks, rock walls. The webbing will always be visible above bark.
  • Spider webs: messy shapes that look like sails with a funnel-shape in the middle or corner – called a retreat (they wait for their prey there)
  • White silk egg sacs: the female lays these in her retreat

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