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Hi and thanks for visiting Rusty’s Pest Management Solutions.

Are you sick of creepy crawlies taking over your home or workplace?
Have you tried using sprays, water, or your bare hands to kill pests? But they keep coming back?
Many others have been there and done that. Here’s what happened after we headed to their place…

What they say about us

"I’m a firm believer in quality – quality products, and quality services. Rusty is just the same, and it shows. With detailed education on his suite of treatment products, and on-going education and professional development, Rusty’s expertise, character and personality makes him an expert in his field."
- Marty Friedel, Point Cook

"Very impressed by Alan at Rustys Pest Control. It's only been half a day since our service on our house and already I can see great results! They have excellent knowledge and years of experience doing this and so I'm very impressed by the professionalism. Thanks very much and highly recommended."
- Fatimah Abbouchi Del Cid, Point Cook

Who you are

You live in Melbourne, Victoria.

You’re a home owner, or you rent.

Or you’re a QA Manager or Shop manager in an office, restaurant, café, warehouse or factory.

You want to keep off the health department’s radar – and you certainly don’t want to be listed on the government’s Register of Food Safety Convictions

You want the job done asap – to exterminate the pests!

But you realise there are differences between pest control specialists. You want: 

  • The same person helping you – every time
  • Reliable and consistent service
  • Dedicated service provider, not a once off: you’re smart enough to know the pests won’t stay away after just 1 treatment
  • Full attention and TLC
  • An experienced and qualified professional that will get control of your pest problem – GUARANTEED
  • A licenced pest control specialist who uses safe chemicals
  • You don’t mind some education about what’s going on BUT you don’t want a salesperson!

If this is you, we would love to exterminate your pests! Call us on 1800 787 897 

Why Rusty is THE Pest Exterminator

  • Alan Rust has had hundreds of happy, pest-free customers in homes, offices, factories, shops, and warehouses
  • 20+ years of pest control experience within Australia and the UK
  • 6 years of qualifications: Pest Control, Environmental Health, OHS, and awarded The Royal Society of Health (RSH) Award in Pest Management
  • Holds a Victorian Technician Licence L004761 as required in the Victorian pest control guidelines (PDF, 643KB)

A heartwarming story of how pests helped a British lad call Australia home

Alan travelled to Australia in 2006 as many happy British backpackers do: for the sun, surf and sand. He had the time of his life. Being such a friendly, happy, funny, and helpful person, it was no surprise that he soon found himself fixing bed bug problems for hostel owners in Queensland.

Not the experience most British backpackers expect to have down under in the bedroom. But it had it’s perks...

Alan moved to Melbourne in 2008 and was sponsored by some of Victoria’s biggest pest control companies to train staff, build their contracts and client base. The demand was obvious. So in 2013, Rusty’s Pest Management Solutions was born. It’s truly a owner led business – with one mission: To exterminate pests for residential and commercial customers.

So Melbourne is where Rusty and his girls (his lovely wife and daughter) have been living happily ever... What hasn’t changed (pretty much for more than 20 years) is Alan’s experience and skill for exterminating pests.

Want more detail about the boy from Britain? Or just the bit about getting rid of pests? Either way, give Alan a yell on 1800 787 897.